Wear A Mask All The Time

Wearing a mask can protect you and others around you from Covid-19. The virus spreads majorly from one person to another through respiration. The droplets released during respiration get into the air when you cough, sneeze, talk, shout or sing. When these droplets come in contact with the mouths or noses of other people, they can become a cause for the virus. This is why you should always keep wearing a mask at all times so you can save yourself and others from this lethal disease.

Wash Hands Regularly

This activity is considered one of the best ways to eliminate germs and ensures the prevention of sickness and spread of germs from you to others. It not only keeps you safe but also other people around you. Whether you are indoor in your home or outside in the community, this is a habit that will save you from many harmful diseases, including Covid-19. Therefore, you should wash your hands regularly to prevent yourself and others around you from getting sick, thus reducing the risk of the spread of Covid.